Rocking 4D Ranch History

The ranch officially became the House family Homestead in 2019 when both Jeff and Tiffany’s families were all living on the ranch alongside their parents, Dearl and BJ who started Rocking 4D Ranch in 1985. All 9 grandchildren learned to ride horses on the ranch and learned what it meant to work and love the land. Many family and friends have created lasting memories on the Rocking 4D Ranch. The ranch hosted many rodeos on Tuesday and Thursday nights where family and friends alike gathered for roping practice and a few beverages in between. Dominos always on the table and ready for a serious game of 42. Many have fished, rode horses, hunted, played washers, enjoyed bonfires and rode around with Dearl checking the land and cattle.  The Rocking 4D Ranch was established by a labor of love where they hope many generations will come and enjoy. Jeff and Charla hope to continue this legacy of Rocking 4D along with their children and grandchildren. 

House Family History

The House family was established in 2011 when two blended families joined together in unity. Now, our family consists of Jeff and Charla, five kids which are Bailee, Blair, Daryl, Jacob, and Jaci, and one grandchild, Daniel. Our family continues to grow with our love of animals, cows and horses alike, and continues to get stronger every day as we grow our herd.