Rocking 4D Ranch Mares

Barfs Sassy

93% Foundation 

Wills Little Bay
"Lil Bay"

Colt Due June  by Trampas

Jacks Sister Sue JF

91% Foundation
Colt Due April by Trampas

DGR Sterling Olena 

86% Foundation
Colt Due May by Trampas

Leos Red Eyed Jackie

90% Foundation
Colt Due August by Trampas

Tee Jay Sandy Man  

87% Foundation
Colt Due June by Trampas

Diamond W Pepto 178

Colt Due March by Trampas

Diamond W Foxey 214

 88% Foundation, Homozygous Black & Dun
Colt  Due -2022  Will be bred to Trampas for Double Homozygous Colt